Isla Encantadora



This collection is inspired by the resemblance to a star –cosmically connected to everything– that is Tala’s logo. Our logo is unique –just like you– and represents the infinite bond we all share for living in this unique time and place. With this collection, we want to let the World know that, even though we are individual human beings, we are all connected. When we recognize that we are at peace with ourselves and share that peacefulness with our surroundings, the possibilities are infinite.

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Clothing trends change with time, but classic pieces are timeless. This collection was designed to combine your creativity with colors, to help you shine and elevate your looks everywhere you go.



In the Salvaje Collection, every woman rediscovers herself, finding her inner strength and brilliance. Her wild spirit leads her to explore new horizons and discover her purest essence.

Her unstoppable soul takes her to unimaginable places, with magical landscapes of mystical fauna and flora that inspire her to continue exploring.



Inspired by Tala’s perspective of the galaxies, this collection bursts into the sky as a SuperNova, a stellar and luminous explosion of cosmic colors.

This collection radiates energy, ethereal beauty, and sublime flora and fauna from diverse ecosystems. Venturing between the earthly and the celestial, women will outshine like a SuperNova in space and flourish like flowers on Earth.

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El Nido

Inspired by the Philippines' flora and fauna, El Nido represents new beginnings. It highlights the vivid scenery, natural elegance, exotic wildlife, and the pure sensuality that its expressive colors radiate to anyone who can witness it.

Tala x Unusual Girls

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